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CDC Environmental provides professional coronavirus 

(COVID-19) cleaning & remediation services to curb infection.



Disinfectant Management Program.

"Get Training From The Pros."

Our Certified Site Decontamination Management program is by far our most valuable service. The old saying “give someone a fish and they eat for a day but teach someone to fish and they eat for a lifetime” falls into place here. We have a program in place that can educate and train your staff in one day all of the necessary criteria to safely and successfully sanitize their own location and it is completed to the highest standard. The Certified Site Decontamination Management program provides a curriculum that is specific to your needs. Service stations and motorway facilities have a different need than a packing plant or a school. So, the information your staff receives is 100% relevant to them and their day-to-day work environment. The program begins with the science behind viruses so that your staff can better understand the enemy. It concludes with teaching them how to test the surfaces at the end to show it is in fact 100% decontaminated and safe.


We provide study materials for them to keep so that if needed they can refer back to them, along with their initial PPE, Certificates of Completion of the program, and contacts for equipment and solution. All of our services are profoundly affordable and guaranteed. If you would like more information, I would be more than happy to set up a Zoom meeting or a conference call at your convenience.

After every decontamination, you will receive a certificate that is backed by OSHA and the EPA letting you know that your workspace is certifiably decontaminated.

Carolina Environmental  Qualifications.


  • OSHA HAZWOPER Supervisor

  • OSHA 30 General Construction

  • OSHA 30 General Industry

  • OSHA Bloodbourne Pathogen Program Manager

  • EPA Certified Environmental Specialist

  • CDC Certified Covid-19 Disinfectant Manager

  • CDC Preparing Workplaces for COVID-19 Certificate

  • Unlimited General Contractors License


Other Services.

Environmental Services

  • Emergency Spill Response

  • Recycling

  • Waste Management

    • Waste Minimization

    • Waste Identification/Characterization

    • Waste Transportation

    • Waste Disposal Services

    • Bulk and non-bulk Solids Solidification

    • Petroleum Soil Disposal​​

  • Industrial Services

  • Tank Cleaning/Decontamination

  • Facility Decontamination

  • Vacuum Removal of Liquids & Sludges

  • Hazardous Waste Transporter (NCR00139816)

  • Hazardous Waste 10-Day Interim Storage Facility

  • Used Oil Transporter

  • Used Oil Transfer Facility

  • Used Oil Processor

  • Large Quantity Handler of Universal Waste

  • UST/AST Cleanings

  • Demolition

  • Process Equipment Cleaning

  • Small-Scale Construction, Maintenance

  • Concrete & Asphalt Repair/Paving

Our disinfecting service kills viruses, all bacteria, spores, fungus, mold, and other microorganisms on contact leaving your house totally clean, disinfected, and sanitized. It is highly recommended for any home, daycare, nursing home, medical and dental clinics, gym's, retail stores, offices, buildings, everywhere. The Electrostatic spraying mist is a system created to cover all areas and every corner with a hospital-grade disinfectant solution, which kills viruses, all bacteria, spores, fungus, mold, and other microorganisms on contact, and creates a film that keeps the surfaces safe and timely. It is a technological solution that assures more even coverage of surfaces including assisting to cover evenly every handle, every button on the elevator or areas of a desk with disinfecting chemicals where conventional spray and wipe isn't effective and would leave heavier residues in certain areas.

It is recommended the spraying is always paired with a deep cleaning.

The Carolina Environmental Difference.

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